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Take the stress away from your family by purchasing a funeral plan in advance. As agents for a leading Pre paid Funeral plan company, we can offer you the option to choose which plan suits you.

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For some of us, having our house in order before we die is of great importance. It saves our loved ones added stress and gives us peace of mind. What can we do to make it all simpler and less stressful. 

Pre planning and pre paying for your funeral is one way of relieving your family of the pressure of organising a funeral in the days after the bereavement and then finding the cash to pay for it while your bank accounts have been frozen. We’d love to offer you the chance to get this all in place now, at todays prices and with a choice of payment plans. We work closely with one of the top Funeral Plan companies in the UK.

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Will Registration

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Will registration and storage is another great way to save on any stress and confusion. We automatically register your will and where it is being stored, unless you ask us not to. All wills are registered with Certainty the National Will Register. Your family can check that there was a will and/or that they have the most recent one. This is a free service.

Will Storage

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We can also offer Will storage at The National Will Archive. This is a safe option to safeguard against losing a will or damage to a will. risking it not being accepted by the probate court.