Your Will, Your Choice

Your Last Will & Testament is incredibly important if you want to control where your estate goes after you pass away.

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Would you want to leave it all to chance? Who do you want to decide who would bring your children up in the event of a life changing event?

A Will is a legal document which sets out your wishes and what you would like to happen to everything you own when you die. It is a very important document and you need to think very carefully about how you want it drafted.

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Single Wills

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If you are a single person, making a Will is very important. Where do you want your assets to go. Children, grandchildren, brothers or sisters. What if you don’t get along with your family? Who do you think will inherit your estate if you have no Will? The court will decide and there is a process they use to do this. Worth thinking about it now, then you know for certain it is all going where you want it to.

Mirror Wills

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Whether you are married or civil partners, a mirror Will might be an option for you to consider. A Mirror Will is designed for couples with similar wishes to make almost identical wills, allowing them to appoint the same executors or be executor for each other and name guardians for their children. If you have children by previous relationships, you can still have mirror wills, but you may have to involve a trust or two.

Living Wills and Advance Directives

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In the event that you can’t communicate your wishes, you can draft a document that gives medical staff directions for your medical care. Particularly suitable for those without a Power of Attorney.